Revised Memorial Collection to Help Families to Remember

Revised Memorial Collection to Help Families to Remember

by The Vale Crematorium

Revised Memorial Collection to Help Families to Remember

There are many different ways of remembering a loved one and memorialisation can provide a meaningful way of creating something that will withstand the test of time and provide a place to visit and return to. 

Choosing how to remember a loved one, or carrying out their own wishes, helps create a sense of purpose through the bereavement journey, and can bring considerable comfort to those who are grieving.

At The Vale Crematorium, we have expanded the variety of memorials to help families create truly uniquely-personal tributes. The revised range includes living memorials – trees, family gardens and rose beds, which are often popular with those close to nature; contemporary memorials – benches, bird baths, mini graves, above ground vaults, garden memorials, cremation tablets, vases, plaques for anyone with more conservative taste; and communal options which require less maintenance. 

There are also many additional options for personalisation, whether that is through etchings, inscriptions, plaques and frames. 

For additional peace of mind, there are ancillary products available, such as memorial insurance and finance plans. 

Matthew Brook, Head of Memorialisation at Westerleigh Group, said: “Westerleigh Group prides itself on providing exceptional care to the families we support, and that extends beyond providing final farewell for a loved one. 

“Memorialisation is usually the next natural step that families wish to take. Whether their loved one was cremated or buried, choosing a memorial is a very personal journey.

“We have the expertise to work with families and help them create something that is uniquely personal and reflective of their loved one, to honour them and at the same time provide comfort to the bereaved in the years to come. 

“Our team of experienced memorial advisors are here to have sensitive conversations with families when they’re ready to do so."

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