Personalising Your Funeral

Funerals nowadays are much more personal services, with families having more input than they used to in the past.

One of the biggest changes is the choice of music that is played. More families are choosing specially-chosen recorded music rather than organ music.

As a guide, we would suggest that a special piece of music is played as the coffin enters and then another piece at the end of the service as the congregation leaves the chapel. Although the majority of funerals still require a hymn or two, this isn’t a necessity. More families prefer to use their time in the chapel listening to music that has a special meaning and hymns can be replaced with more recorded music. It is also particularly poignant to have a quiet piece of music played as the curtains close, as a moment of reflection.

Although a religious service is still very popular, with psalms and prayers, many more families choose instead to have special poems and personal readings instead.

Another idea that helps to make your service special is the provision of a photo/photos that can be displayed in the chapel during your service or maybe some of your loved one’s favourite possessions. A hat, for instance, that is instantly recognisable!

We are here to ensure that you have the service that you want. We will work alongside your Funeral Director and help in any way we can.